Trafalgar Studio Two

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Trafalgar Studio Two

Trafalgar Studio Two
14 Whitehall

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(5mins) Head left on the main road Strand. Follow Trafalgar Square around onto Whitehall and the theatre’s on your right.

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Trafalgar Studio Two

Trafalgar Studios Two is the smaller of the two studio theatres located in Trafalgar Studios in Whitehall. But just because it is not as big as its sister venue Trafalgar Studios One doesn’t mean that it does not feature an array of well known and critically acclaimed shows as well - over the years it has been the home of acclaimed appearances of plays like “Cyprus” and “Irish Blood, English Heart”, among others.

The overall theatre was originally known as the Whitehall Theatre before the current incarnation of the venue opened its doors in 2004. This is why it isn’t unusual to hear audiences refer to it as the Trafalgar Studios at the Whitehall Theatre.

The Whitehall Theatre appeared in London in the 1930s and in the time between then and the modern day it has welcomed many different kinds of shows and also withstood the arrival of the Second World War. Then, in 2004, it became Trafalgar Studios and within it the smaller Trafalgar Studios Two has been home to the likes of “Irish Blood, English Heart”, about two brothers, whose lives have gone in different directions, meeting to understand the legacy of their late father, and “Ordinary Days”, about the character of Debs as she misplaces the notes of her University Thesis.

And these are just two  of the productions to appear here. The Trafalgar Studios 2 has also welcomed some well known comedy acts and entertainers over the years and continues to be an important place in the West End – where audiences can witness some acclaimed performers in an intimate setting.

Like its sister venue Trafalgar Studios One it is a popular West End location and one that is likely to attract more audiences as time goes on, allowing it to flourish in the 21st century.

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