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Manchester Opera House Seating Plan

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Manchester Opera House

Manchester Opera House
Quay Street
M3 3HP

Seating Plan


Manchester Opera House Seating Plan

Manchester Opera House Seating Plan

Please note: Seating plans are subject to change, can vary according to the specific event and can alter over time. Please check with the venue for event-specific seating plans.

The auditorium of the Manchester Opera House is split into three sections, with the Stalls closest to the stage, followed by the Circle and then the Gallery.

The Stalls begin at row A and extend back to row F (before an aisles break) and then continues with rows H to Z, followed by YY and ZZ at the back. Rows H to ZZ also feature to aisles running from the front of the auditorium to the rear.

The Circle level begins at row A and continues to row Q at the back. Finally, the Gallery level begins at row A and extends back to row P.

On each level the number of seats per row varies.

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