Macbeth - Globe Tickets

Macbeth - Globe Tickets

Globe Theatre, London
21 Jul 2023 - 28 Oct 2023
Approx. 2 hours 20 mins (incl. interval)

About Macbeth - Globe

Something wicked this way comes! Enter a dark world of betrayal and supernatural forces with Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy. See that Scottish play at the Globe Theatre. Get Macbeth tickets on Box Office.

Experience the visceral intensity of Shakespeare's timeless tale as it unfolds on the historic Globe stage. When the universe gives Macbeth a sign he’ll become King, he won’t rest until it comes true. In his quest for power, he’ll destroy everything — and everyone — that is in his path. Once he takes the throne, Macbeth is wracked with guilt. Can he live with his past mistakes?

From the thundering battle scenes to the eerie encounters with witches, the Macbeth play will transport you to an intriguing world where ambition and madness collide.

Abigail Williams makes her Globe Theatre directorial debut with this titan play. With its gripping plot, rich language, and memorable characters, this Macbeth London adaptation will showcase the enduring genius of the Bard's work over four centuries since it was first performed.

It may be bad luck to utter the play’s title in the theatre, but it’s only good luck to book your tickets now. Get Macbeth tickets on Box Office.

Access Performances
Relaxed Performances: Monday 21st August 7:30 PM and Tuesday 17th October 2:00 PM Audio Described Performance: Saturday 2nd September 2:00 PM
Captioned Performances: Wednesday 6th September 7:30 PM and Tuesday 3rd October 2:00 PM
Signed Performances: Monday 18th September 7:30 PM and Tuesday 3rd October 2:00 PM

Important Information

The play contains violence, including references to suicide.

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