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Discover all the must-see London plays, from comedies to dramas to Shakespeare, happening at West End and Off-West End venues all across the city right now.

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Discover all the plays to see in London right now. London is world-renowned for its plays — the West End hit The Mousetrap, for one, is the longest-running play in the world, and there's no better place to see a classic Shakespeare play than in the city where he worked. But there are always new plays in London to discover, too, at venues across the city. Book tickets to London plays on Box Office.

Long-running contemporary plays in the West End include The Play That Goes Wrong, a slapstick comedy hit, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the Olivier Award-winning stage show featuring characters from the beloved book and film series. Plays are often the best shows to attend if you want to see a celebrity on stage, as major stars often headline classic and new plays for limited runs.

There are West End or Off-West End plays in London for everyone, from uproarious comedies to emotional dramas to stage shows based on popular books, films, and TV shows. Browse all the plays London has to offer right now, and book tickets to London plays on Box Office now.

Frequently asked questions

What are some recommended plays to see in London?

Some London plays to check out include Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and The Mousetrap. These plays have run in the West End for years, so you can go see why they continue to attract fans, and they're always a great go-to option. Alongside them, new play productions are always premiering all over London, but most run for a limited time only.

Where can I see a play in London?

You can see plays all over London. The West End is known for showing famous plays like The Mousetrap, but Off-West End venues in other neighborhoods regularly host world premieres of new plays, inventive revivals of classic works, Shakespeare plays, and star-studded shows. Some successful Off-West End plays will transfer to the West End.

What is the price range for play tickets in London?

Play tickets in London vary in price, though the average theatre ticket price is approximately £50. Seats further back in the theatre, seats at small Off-West End plays, and seats bought early tend to be lower cost, but if your trip to the theatre is a special occasion, you might opt for a more expensive ticket closer to the stage or for a particularly in-demand show. Seats at all price points, though, offer great views of the stage.

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