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Browse all the shows in London on offer, including hit West End plays and musicals, new Off-West End premieres, opera, dance, concerts, and much more.

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There are so many shows in London to see, from plays to musicals, comedies to dramas, classics to contemporary works. With options for every type of theatregoer, you're bound to find one show (or several) in the city that you'll love. Want to find out all that London has to offer, including traditional theatre, comedy shows, concerts, operas, ballets, and more? Browse all shows in London available on Box Office, and book tickets now.

The West End is one of the world's premier hubs for theatre and live entertainment. West End theatres showcase some of the city's buzziest plays and musicals, including family-friendly Disney classics, celebrity-led plays, and globally renowned hits like The Phantom of the Opera and The Mousetrap, the world's longest-running play. But there is so much more to explore. If you've seen all the major hits on the West End, go off the West End to see groundbreaking new works in unique venues, which will give you the opportunity to explore more neighborhoods. Many Off-West End venues are just as storied as the West End's, too, like Royal Albert Hall and Shakespeare's Globe.

If you're not into traditional theatre, why not check out a stand-up show, an improvised comedy, a dance performance, or a concert? Or, you can go to an immersive show, where you can become part of the show and wander around its world as performances unfold all around you. The possibilities for London theatre are endless.

There are shows perfect to attend with your family, your friends, a date, or simply yourself. Browse all types of theatre in London, and book tickets on Box Office now to see your new favorite show.

Frequently asked questions

What time should I arrive to the theatre?

It's best to arrive early to the theatre — allow 20-30 minutes to wait in the queue to enter the theatre and get your tickets checked, use the bathroom (as the lines are often longest at intermission), buy concessions and merchandise, and find your seat before the performance starts.

What's the appropriate dress code for the theatre?

There is no set dress code to attend theatre in London — since you'll be sitting at the show for a few hours, it's more important to be comfortable than to be fancy. You might want to dress up if your theatregoing trip is a special occasion, but it's not required. Additionally, regardless of clothing, it's best to leave loud or light-up accessories at home, as they might distract other theatregoers.

Are London theatres open seven days a week?

There are London shows playing every day of the week, excluding some holidays. Every show has one or two days per week where they don't perform (most often Sunday or Monday), but since every show's schedule is different, there are always multiple shows playing on any given day at London's theatres.

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