Up at The O2 Tickets

Up at The O2 Tickets

Up at The O2: What to expect - 1
Up at The O2 Tickets

About Up at The O2

Discover stunning views of London with Up at The O2.

Experience the thrill of climbing the world famous roof of The O2 and take in panoramic views over London’s most iconic skyline at the summit, 52 metres above ground level. The whole experience is approximately 90 minutes. Upon arrival, you will be given briefing instructions and safety equipment to kit up in. The expert guides will take the lead and share some interesting facts about the venue’s unique architecture as well as its famous visitors. Once you reach the viewing platform, enjoy the breath-taking 360-degree views of London like you’ve never seen before. Choose from a variety of climbing options, including daytime, sunset or twilight climbs.

Once you have booked your ticket, you can then choose your timeslot directly with Up at The O2. Further information will be in your confirmation email.

Visit time

1hr 30min.

Start date

1st March, 2023




Ages 8+.

Opening Times & Itinerary

Summer season: 10:00 – 20:30 Autumn/Winter season: 11:00 – 18:00

Admission Information

Please scan your voucher at the Check-in desk for entry into the Experience. Further information will be in your confirmation email.

Important information

What footwear is suitable?
They do provide climb shoes for all climbers but if own shoes are acceptable then they will be allowed on the climb. They must however fulfil the following guidelines of:

  1. Velcro or laced fastening
  2. Deep tread – walking shoes/boots are ideal.
  3. The soles/tread must be clean and free of mud and obstructions so as to not damage the walkway
  4. Fashion trainers with shallow treads are not suitable
    The final decision as to suitability will be made by the team on the day. Climb shoes will be provided by us if your shoes are not appropriate or if you prefer to wear ours. You must wear socks.

Will my climb go ahead if the weather is bad?
Climbs take place in all conditions unless the weather is extreme. Gales, lightning, heavy snow, ice and anything that makes it unsafe will mean we need to close.

Can I carry my medication while on the climb?
Essential medication like inhalers, insulin and nourishment are allowed. Your guide will carry these for you.

Can you climb when pregnant?
Unfortunately, not. The harness is pretty snug and the climb is physically demanding.

How high is Up at The O2?
Up at The O2 is 52m at its highest point.

Disabled Access
Up at The O2 is accessible for most disabled guests. Please email boxoffice@upattheo2.co.uk for more information on these climbs. As a general rule, if you can walk unaided, you can complete the climb. We also run accessible climbs for wheelchair users.


Up at The O2

The O2, Peninsula Square, London, United Kingdom, SE10 0DX

Frequently asked questions

What is Up at The O2 about?

Up at The O2 is a 90-minute outdoor climb experience that takes you on a guided tour over the roof of The O2. Climb 52 metres above ground level with expert guides and enjoy breath-taking views of London’s 360-degree skyline when you reach the top. Choose from a variety of climbing options, including daytime, sunset or twilight climbs.

What is the length of Up at The O2?

1hr 30min.

Which venue is Up at The O2 at?

Up at The O2 .

What's the price for Up at The O2 tickets?

The price for tickets to Up at The O2 starts at £42.

How old do children need to be to see Up at The O2?

Ages 8+.

How do you buy tickets for Up at The O2?

Buy tickets today on Box Office. Check availability, pricing and more.

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