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A day out at the movies is a classic way to have fun with family, friends, or even just yourself. There are so many different ways to experience films in London — book tickets to movie screenings and other film-related events on Box Office now.

A movie isn't always just a movie — there are so many ways to experience fan-favorite classics and new films all over London. Watch a movie in a grand concert hall while a live symphony plays the score. Or stay back after a screening to experience an exclusive Q&A with the film's director, creators, or stars. Events like pop-up food festivals may also accompany a film in London.

Certain immersive events, like those of the entertainment company Secret Cinema, take the movie or TV experience to the next level. Attendees can dress to theme and enter the world of a beloved film, interacting with the characters and going on their own original adventures inspired by the movie's story and setting.

Even when a movie screening is just that, it's still fun to grab loved ones, some concessions, and a seat, and enjoy the show. Book movie tickets and tickets to film events in London on Box Office.

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