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Some of the best experiences come and go — but that makes them even more memorable. Pop-ups in London are limited-time events that "pop up" across the city, offering unique and sometimes unexpected chances to engage with London's cultural scene. Plan your next day out by booking tickets to London pop-ups on Box Office.

Pop-up events are as diverse as London entertainment and pop culture. Pop-up events range from food and drink tastings to fashion brand pop-up shops to flash performances from theatre shows, and so much more in between. Pop-up events often feature giveaways, samples, and opportunities to buy if you end up discovering your new favorite product or show.

Some pop-up events also travel, so if an interesting one is in a distant neighborhood, check to see if it's coming nearer. But if a particularly special experience is only happening for a limited time in one place, it might be worth the travel to have an unforgettable experience while the opportunity is there.

Check back often to see new pop-ups happening now and soon, and book tickets to London pop-up events on Box Office.

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