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Switch up your normal dining-out plans and attend a unique food and drink-focused event in London. Book tickets to experience London food and drink on Box Office.

Food and drink experiences incorporate all kinds of cuisines and event types. Drink-focused experiences can include a wine tasting at a local vineyard or afternoon tea on a riverboat on the Thames. Food events may include a food vendor festival featuring lots of local restaurants and chefs or even a cooking or baking class. There's lots of overlap among food and drink events, too — attendees at a high tea will be offered small bites, and food festivals often come with plenty of beverage options.

Some food and drink events are also great alternatives to classic outings like dinner and a show. Some events offer both in one, with a movie screening or show accompanying a meal. Foodies will get to try new foods and vendors at every event.

Hungry or thirsty yet? If so, browse the most mouthwatering food and drink events in London now, and book tickets on Box Office.

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